7 Quick Tips for Hiring Renovation Experts

Hiring a home improvement professional can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Follow these 7 quick hiring tips to help you make informed decisions when searching for an experienced and trustworthy contractor:

1. Invite local pros to bid on your project & request proper identification for verification.

2. Never sign an estimate with blanks that the servicing contractor “will fill in later.”

3. Beware of contractors who offer below-market prices that are “too good to be true.”

4. Require your contractor to provide a written contract with project details and cost.

5. Verify your contractors’ professional credentials and past customer references.

6. Refuse contractors who ask you to pay for the entire job prior to beginning work.

7. Agree upon a reasonable payment schedule and document everything in writing.

Don’t let cost be your only guide when hiring a contractor for your renovation project.

The scope of work and itemized pricing should be clearly defined in the work agreement. This will ensure you compare apples to apples and avoid running into unforeseen circumstances after the job begins.