How To File Your Homeowners Insurance Claim

There are a variety of things that can cause significant damage to your home. It could be a fire, a tornado… anything. Provided you have insured your home against such damage, you can and should file an insurance claim with your insurance company.

The first thing you want to do is inform the agent with a written (or typed) letter. Since insurance policies are essentially contracts between you and the company, there are certain rules and regulations that both you and the agent (or insurance company) should adhere to. This is why taking a long, hard look at your insurance policy is vital. You have to know what your responsibilities are (and what those of the company are as well).

8 Steps To Follow for Homeowners Insurance Claims:

1.) The first thing you should do if your home has been vandalized or if you have been robbed is report it to the authorities. It is important to get a police report and to get the names of every single law enforcement officer you deal with.

2.) There are time limits to filing insurance claims. When you need to file one, you should know what the timeline is. This should be in the insurance policy. You should find out what the limit is. Know if you are covered, know if your claim exceeds your deductible or not. You should also know how long it would take to process the claim. Also, find out if you will need to collect estimates for repairs.

3.) You should take all possible steps to protect your assets from any further damage. When you do repairs, keep your receipts and hand them over to your insurance agent if you are to be reimbursed.

4.) Do not throw anything out until your adjuster has taken a look at your home and your property. It is important to substantiate your loss. You could also take pictures or video of the damage that has occurred in your home. Do an inventory and give a copy of it and your receipts to the adjuster.

5.) Severe damage to your home will require you to find other accommodation while your house is being repaired. If you do this, all additional expenses incurred should be recorded (receipts) so you can hand them over to the insurance company. Not all insurance policies will cover the “loss of use” of your home, so you should know your policy through and through.

6.) The insurance company will send you all necessary forms for you to complete once you notify them of your claim. Fill out the forms as required and return them as soon as you possibly can.

7.) Finally, the insurance company can get an adjuster to come take a look at your home and your property. It is important for you to give your full cooperation. The adjuster’s report is used by the insurance company to approve your claim.

8.) As soon as all the terms and conditions of your settlement have been agreed between you and the insurance company, you will receive your payment as soon as is possible. It is important to keep good communication with the insurance company to ensure your claim is processed promptly.

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